Mànden Style by Maï

Inspired by the rich textile tradition of West Africa - always striving for long-term sustainability.


Baki är samlingsnamnet för de mycket populära bomullstygerna som används till allt från bröllopskläder till skurtrasor. De går även under namnen Bakifani, African Wax Print, Ankara eller helt enkelt pagne.

Alla våra baki-tyger är inköpta på den vimlande stormarknaden i Bamako, där vi själva valt de vi gillar bäst, bland en oändlig uppsjö varianter.

Våra BAKI-produkter


It is our love for the culture and the people of the Mànden area that drives this family business. We provide classes, undertake projects, and offer goods rooted in this diverse part of West Africa, with the aim of contributing to the recognition of its cultural riches.

  • Mànden

    Mànden is the name of the culture, people, and language group, typically attributed to Sundiata Keita's empire of the same name (also known as the Mali Empire).

  • The word

    Folikela translates to musician, stemming from foli (music) and kela (-performer). This name embodies the essence of the one who brings the music to life.

  • Percussion

    We offer percussion workshops. The core of our material is based on the folk music of Wassulu. Feel free to get in touch if you want to learn more.

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